Dana Craft, et al, 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. and Philip Morris Inc.

If you lived in Missouri and bought Marlboro Lights
Cigarettes between February 14, 1995 and
December 31, 2003

This class action may affect your rights.

Consumers in the State of Missouri have filed a class action lawsuit against Philip Morris USA, Inc. (formerly Philip Morris Incorporated) (“Defendant”). Altria Group, Inc. was a defendant in the lawsuit but was dismissed by agreement of the parties on July 27, 2010.
  • The lawsuit claims the Defendant misled people about the amount of tar and nicotine delivered to smokers by Marlboro Lights cigarettes and about the dangers of Marlboro Lights cigarettes.
  • A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit brought by a few people (the "Class Representatives") on behalf of a larger group of people who have similar claims. The Court has allowed this lawsuit to proceed as a class action. You are a member of the Class if you lived in Missouri between February 14, 1995 and December 31, 2003, and you purchased and consumed Marlboro Light cigarettes in Missouri during that time. The Class does not include people who have filed a claim for personal injury resulting from purchase or consumption of cigarettes or who have opted-out of the Class.
  • The Court has not decided whether the Defendant did anything wrong. There is no money available now and no guarantee there will be.
  • Lawyers must prove the claims against the Defendant at a trial set to start in January of 2014. If money is obtained from the Defendant you will be notified about how to ask for a share.
The Class is represented by Class Counsel.  
Individuals seeking additional information may contact Class Counsel by completing the Information Request Form on the Contact Information page of this site,
or by contacting Class Counsel directly.


Class Counsel

Mark I. Bronson, Esq.

Newman Bronson & Wallis
2300 West Port Plaza Drive
St Louis, MO 63146
Telephone: 314-878-8200

Matthew C. Davies, Esq.
Korein Tillery
205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1940
Chicago, IL 60601-4269
Telephone: 312-899-5064



Please do not contact either Philip Morris USA, Inc. or the Court about this Lawsuit. Any and all callers will be directed to this website. If you have questions, please refer to the information posted here. This site is not operated by Philip Morris USA, Inc. 

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